Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Baltimore Employment Guide September29-October 4

The Baltimore Employment Guide September29-October 4
The Baltimore Employment Guide September29-October 4

Check out this week's great career opprtunities:
American Beauty Academy
Good Shepherd Center
All-State Careers
Baltimore Bartending School
North American Trade Schools
Wackenhut Corporation
First Transit
Canteen Correctional Services
Ruxton Health & Rehabilitation Center

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interview Questions for you to Ask!

Job interviewing is a two-way street. For the candidate and the employer alike, the objective is the best hiring match possible. The questions you ask in an interview are as important as how you answer the interviewer’s questions.
Formulating a list of questions is a good practice in preparation for any job interview. Most often, candidates do not know whether they will have another chance to ask questions about a job for which they are applying, so it is a good idea to go into the interview prepared to come out with job related questions answered.
Too frequently, the job search puts candidates into a position of near desperation to take the first job that meets their most basic criteria — it pays enough to get by. Therefore, less emphasis is placed on whether it is a good long-term fit than on whether the job can be “the one.”
Besides the questions you have already formulated, below is a list of others you might want to ask at your next interview. Some of these may not be applicable to all situations, so you can begin by deciding which of these are important to you.
About the Position
Why is this position open?
How often has the position been filled in the past three years?
What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job?
What would you like to be done differently by the next person who fills this position?
If I were chosen for this position, what would be my top three priorities?
What are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this position?
How will you and the company evaluate / know if I am successful at this position?
About the Company
In your opinion, what products and services make this company the most successful?
Do you see any significant changes to the company in the near future?
What are the advancement opportunities for this position?
If it seems awkward to ask your question, you may consider beginning by asking, “May I ask you a few questions?” It is helpful to prioritize your questions, so that the most important ones get answered.
It is okay to have your questions written and in front of you as you ask them. Besides the questions above, you should ask specific inquiries about the company and this will show you have done your research.

Information provided by: Interview questions for you to ask.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Baltimore Employment Guide September22-September28

EG Weekly Publication September22-September28
EG Weekly Publication September22-September28

Check out this weeks great career opportunities:
American Red Cross
North American Trade Schools
John Hopkins
Stella Maris
All-State Career
American Beauty Academy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Job Fair Success!!

In today’s job market, we know that job seekers are looking for ways to find employment. The Employment Guide is here to help the young, old and mature get on the right path to a new career.

Seventeen hundred people walked through the doors yesterday in hopes of finding a new job or start a new career. As the job seekers walked through the door we handed them an Employment Guide bag with a job seeker survival guide and a copy of our paper.

The doors were open from 10am until 2pm and this allowed hundreds of job seekers to speak with employers and submit their resumes. Some job seekers had interviews set up while others walked around and filled out applications for employers that interested them. There were forty employers that attended our job fair and they were very busy talking to the job seekers.

The Employment Guide also provided a table for the applicants to sign up for job alerts and/or complete job applications. The job alerts will be sent to their e-mail address letting them know what jobs are available for the job industries that the job seeker has chosen. They were over six hundred applicants that signed up. If you haven’t registered please do so at www.employmentguide.com.

Our job fair at The Baltimore Convention was a complete success!!

The next job fair is scheduled for Thursday, November 13, 2008 from 10am-3pm at Anne Arundel Community college. If you are a job seeker looking for a career in the health field please be sure to attend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Baltimore Employment Guide September15-September21

EG Weekly Publication September 15th-September 21st
EG Weekly Publication September 15th-September 21st

Check out this weeks great career opportunites:
North American Trade Schools
Corporate Express
George Hildebrandt, Inc.
Alban Tractor
First Transit
Mercy Ridge
Oak Crest
Professional Healthcare
All-State Career

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Baltimore EG job fair!

Looking for a career opportunity?
The Baltimore Employment guide is having a Job Fair.

When: Wednesday, September 17
Where: The Baltimore Convention center
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Time: 10am-2pm
The following Employers will be attending from the Baltimore and surrounding areas:
Accountants, Inc.
Alban Tractor
Algorithme Pharma
All-state Career
The Arc of Baltimore
Avon Products, Inc.
Baltimore City Department of Social Services
Baltimore County Police Department
Chesapeake Financial Group
Community College of Baltimore County
DeVry University
DISH Network
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Euler Hermes
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Maryland Department of Public Safety
Maryland Transportation Authority Police
Maryland New Directions
P-B Health
Pendum, Inc.
Provident Bank
Sheraton Baltimore City
Stella Maris
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Travel Advantage Network
United States Army
Don’t forget to bring plenty of resumes and to dress for success. Some employers may interview on the spot so be prepared. Here are some helpful links to look over before you attend the job fair.
How to Answer the Four Most Common Interview Questions.

I hope to see you there and wish you success in your career search!
Be sure to check back daily for an updated list.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Didn't I get the job?

If you went on a job interview don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get the job. I have a list that will help you improve on your next interview. Employmentguide .com has plenty of great career opportunities available.

Reason for Job Rejection: Why Did I Not Get the Job?

Candidates who appear to be highly qualified for a particular opening, but who fail to land the job, often wonder why they were rejected.
There is no single reason, of course. Sometimes another candidate's experience and background is even more on target than yours. Sometimes the person making the hiring decision simply likes another candidate more than you (and will concoct a more rational reason if necessary). Sometimes it's just sheer luck. But there often are real, rational reasons why candidates aren't chosen. With the economy tightening and companies being more careful about who they hire, understanding the reasons you may be turned down can help increase the odds you'll actually land the job you want.

Here are some reasons employers say no:
Appearance-This may sound superficial or discriminatory, but if your appearance doesn't meet the unspoken assumptions of the hiring official, you won't get the job. Most employers aren't seeking models; they want employees who are neat, clean, attentive to detail (no shirt tails hanging out) and look like people with whom customers and co-workers would want to be associated. So look at yourself critically. Shine your shoes. Wear conservative clothing that's pressed and fits well. Make sure your nails and hands are clean. And comb your hair.
No work references-This is an obvious red flag, says Allen Salikof, president of Management Recruiters International, a search and recruitment company. If a prospective employer can't ask anyone about your work experience, how can the company make an informed decision about hiring you? Even if you didn't get along well with your boss at your most recent job, get a colleague or someone in position of responsibility at a former workplace to vouch for your ability to do the job.
Attitude-If you seem angry or hostile you won't get the job. You may not be aware of your behavior, but if you seem to describe everyone you mention as a jerk, or if you denigrate a former employer, you come across as a malcontent.
Accomplishments-What specifically did you do on your last job? If you're purposely or unintentionally vague, a prospective employer can't figure out what you're capable of doing. Not clearly discussing your work makes your accomplishments - and you - suspect.
Interview behavior- Were you late to your interview? Were you less than courteous to anyone at the prospective employer's place of work? Were your phone manners less than perfect? If you don't conduct yourself professionally during the interview process, you will be disqualified.
Unusual commute- This may seem odd to note, but employers will look askance at anyone who lives too far from the job. Even if you're willing to drive 90 minutes each way to get to work or take three trains and a bus, an employer will wonder why you can't find a job that doesn't require such gyrations. They'll also be concerned - rightly - that your commute will affect attendance, punctuality and performance.
Playing hard to get-Taking too long to consider a job offer is a sign the employer isn't your first choice. That's not the way to start a new work relationship.
Information provided by: Reason for job rejection.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

EG Weekly Publication September 1st-September 7th

Check out this weeks great career opportunitites:
Lifetouch National School Studeos
Corporate Express
All-State Career
North American Trade Schools
Tesst College of Technology
Professional Healthcare Resources
Stella Maris
Ruxton Health & Rehabilitation Center
Pendum, Inc.