Friday, February 5, 2010

This year, Americans are looking for every way to keep more of their money in their wallets, especially those currently searching for a job. If you find yourself between jobs, there are several things to remember this tax season, to ensure you minimize your tax liability and maximize your return. More than ever, taxpayers should consult the services of a professional to help them navigate through the complicated tax code.

1. Unemployment benefits are taxable income:
To avoid being shocked by a tax bill on April 15, taxpayers can complete Form W-4V – Voluntary Withholding Request so that 10 percent of an individual’s benefits are withheld for federal taxes. This won’t cover the cost of state taxes, so make sure to plan for that as well.

2. Job search expenses may be deductible:
If you’ve been unemployed for less than one year and you’ve acquired significant job-search expenses – such as out-of-pocket travel to interviews, educational courses, etc. – these costs may be deductible. Job-search expenses are claimed as part of the miscellaneous itemized deductions.

3. Another potential deduction could come from a job move: Qualified moving expenses (the cost of moving you, your family and your belongings) may be deductible, even if you don’t itemize. To be eligible, your move must meet certain rules, so consult tax rules or your tax professional.

4. Think twice about lump-sum severance:
These can be a quick boost to retirement savings, but income infusions bring tax implications that you should carefully consider. If a lump-sum payment makes your total annual income higher than it was last year, some credits or deductions that you normally claim may be reduced or unavailable. Severance may be paid over several pay checks, which provides you with salary continuance and a more “regular” tax picture for the year.

5. Check your lump-sum severance withholding:
Companies that provide lump-sum severances are generally required to withhold 25 percent to cover federal income tax. This may or may not be enough to cover federal taxes. State taxes would also have to be accounted for as well.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Employ the Older Workers.....

According to the Alliance for an Experienced Workforce, "by 2010 nearly 1 in every 3 hourly workers in the United States will be over the age of 50.” So why are employers in a panic???

The baby boomer is one on the largest generation that has molded the workforce to be what it is today. Employers now are worried that if they lose their mature workers who's going to take their place. Will this candidate have the same skill level as the employee they are about to lose? So many questions, but not a lot of answers, so what should the employer do?

Start attracting the mature jobseeker now to start a new career within your organization or entice the currently employed mature workers to stay longer providing them with better incentives to retire at another time.

If you plan on looking to attract mature workers to your organization here are some tips you can use:
1. Network – A referral is a wonderful thing
2. Use Internet Job boards such as:
3. Partner with organizations such as: AARP or any other baby boomer website
For more useful information about the mature worker check out the following link by clicking here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you want a job in Healthcare?

HealthCare Job Fair!
When: Tuesday November 17th, 2008
Where: Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012
West Campus - CALT Building
(Center for Applied Learning and Technology)
Time: 11am-3pm

The following healthcare companies are seeking their next qualified candidate:
American Radiology Services
Anne Arundel Community College Continuing and Professional Education - Conference Services
Bello Machre
Dimensions Healthcare Systems
Genesis Healthcare
Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
Mary Kay
Maryland Army National Guard (Healthcare Division)
PB Health

Planned Parenthood
Priority Partners
Regent Healthcare
Rehab Management
Saint Agnes Hospital
St. Mary's Hospital
United States Army (Healthcare Division)
And More....

There will be many opportunities in the healthcare industry available.
The healthcare job fair is sponsored by The Employment Guide and Anne Arundel Community College. Just remember to dress for success and bring plenty of resumes.
Please click on this link for directions to Anne Arundel Community College.
Follow the directions to "West Campus."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check out our Video Products.

We are very excited to present to you with our video products where recruiters have an opportunity to broadcast their entire organization and also promote their business as well.

Video Products
Job clips-Professionally produced video (up to 30 seconds in length.) Each Job Clip contains industry-related stock footage and/or photos, company logo and on-screen contact information. Your script will be generated using your existing online advertisement and read by experienced voice-over technicians.
Profile Video-Professionally produced video (up to 45 seconds in length). Profile Videos utilize your company's personal photographs, web site and video footage, to spotlight your entire organization.
Premium Profile- Video-With the Premium Profile Video, you will own rights to your customized video Profile Video. In addition, will distribute your video to YouTube, MySpace, GoogleVideo and YahooVideo.
Custom Video-Allow to organize the production of your fully-customized video profile. A production crew will visit your facilities, interview your staff and shoot footage for your one of a kind recruitment commercial.
Hosting Only-Do you already have a video made and want to see it on We will host the video for you, promoting your video message to job seekers.
Features and Benefits
Well informed Candidates-Video ensures candidates are knowledgeable about available positions, your company's mission statement, values and culture.
Capture a Different Segment of Users-This product will attract candidates that may be unaffected by the traditional advertising.
Increased Response -On average, there is a 38% increase in job seeker expression of interest after watching a recruitment video.
Maintain Your Competitive Edge-Video is a memorable way to differentiate your company in an increasingly competitive job market.
Multiple Points of Access-Your video can be viewed through multiple channels on This includes the Video Center, Job Description and Job Search Results page.
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EG Publication

EG Weekly Publication October 26 - November 1
EG Weekly Publication October 26 - November 1

Check out this week's great career opportunitites:
All-State Career
North American Trade Schools
United Road
U.S. Xpress
Alban Tractor
Stella Maris
Maryland Department of Public Safety
Algorithme Pharma

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EG Publication

EG Weekly Publication October 12 - October 18
EG Weekly Publication October 12 - October 18

Check out this week's exciting career opportunities:
Stein Academy
North American Trade Schools
All-State Career
Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Stella Maris
Ivy Hall
Chimes, Inc.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

14 Tips to Create a Positive Impact

Having a positive outlook and impact on those around you can help you more than you'd think. No one likes to hear someone be negative or complain all the time. If you think about it you're probably more likely to help out someone who helps you. So if you can set yourself up to have a good positive impact on those around you, not only will it will help support a good strong professional and personal network, but also probably make you a better person in general. Assume every person you meet is important, and treat him or her as such.

1.Shake hands strongly and firmly and, even better, say something positive while doing so.
2.Keep an open body posture, with your hands away from your face while speaking.
3.Stand up straight and tall, but not rigidly.
4.When speaking to a group, speak conversationally. Do not read from a script.
5.Take the time to remember people's names, and use them in conversation.
6.Look at the color of people's eyes. They will notice the extra attention you're giving them.
7.Sincerely compliment people freely.
8.Notice and acknowledge other people's strengths and accomplishments.
9.Use pauses while you speak to create emphasis.
10.Take care of your outside appearance; look your best.
11.Smile, ideally a little bit longer than the person you're looking at.
12.Hear the emotions in people's words, and respond to them.
13.Use positive body language. Maintain eye contact, briefly touch people on their upper arm, and moving around while you speak.
14.Be genuinely interested in those around you. Ask them their opinions, inquire about their life and interests, listen and don't interrupt.