Thursday, October 8, 2009

14 Tips to Create a Positive Impact

Having a positive outlook and impact on those around you can help you more than you'd think. No one likes to hear someone be negative or complain all the time. If you think about it you're probably more likely to help out someone who helps you. So if you can set yourself up to have a good positive impact on those around you, not only will it will help support a good strong professional and personal network, but also probably make you a better person in general. Assume every person you meet is important, and treat him or her as such.

1.Shake hands strongly and firmly and, even better, say something positive while doing so.
2.Keep an open body posture, with your hands away from your face while speaking.
3.Stand up straight and tall, but not rigidly.
4.When speaking to a group, speak conversationally. Do not read from a script.
5.Take the time to remember people's names, and use them in conversation.
6.Look at the color of people's eyes. They will notice the extra attention you're giving them.
7.Sincerely compliment people freely.
8.Notice and acknowledge other people's strengths and accomplishments.
9.Use pauses while you speak to create emphasis.
10.Take care of your outside appearance; look your best.
11.Smile, ideally a little bit longer than the person you're looking at.
12.Hear the emotions in people's words, and respond to them.
13.Use positive body language. Maintain eye contact, briefly touch people on their upper arm, and moving around while you speak.
14.Be genuinely interested in those around you. Ask them their opinions, inquire about their life and interests, listen and don't interrupt.

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