Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check out our Video Products.

We are very excited to present to you with our video products where recruiters have an opportunity to broadcast their entire organization and also promote their business as well.

Video Products
Job clips-Professionally produced video (up to 30 seconds in length.) Each Job Clip contains industry-related stock footage and/or photos, company logo and on-screen contact information. Your script will be generated using your existing online advertisement and read by experienced voice-over technicians.
Profile Video-Professionally produced video (up to 45 seconds in length). Profile Videos utilize your company's personal photographs, web site and video footage, to spotlight your entire organization.
Premium Profile- Video-With the Premium Profile Video, you will own rights to your customized video Profile Video. In addition, will distribute your video to YouTube, MySpace, GoogleVideo and YahooVideo.
Custom Video-Allow to organize the production of your fully-customized video profile. A production crew will visit your facilities, interview your staff and shoot footage for your one of a kind recruitment commercial.
Hosting Only-Do you already have a video made and want to see it on We will host the video for you, promoting your video message to job seekers.
Features and Benefits
Well informed Candidates-Video ensures candidates are knowledgeable about available positions, your company's mission statement, values and culture.
Capture a Different Segment of Users-This product will attract candidates that may be unaffected by the traditional advertising.
Increased Response -On average, there is a 38% increase in job seeker expression of interest after watching a recruitment video.
Maintain Your Competitive Edge-Video is a memorable way to differentiate your company in an increasingly competitive job market.
Multiple Points of Access-Your video can be viewed through multiple channels on This includes the Video Center, Job Description and Job Search Results page.
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