Friday, August 28, 2009

Have a Positive Outlook:)

Having a positive outlook and impact on those around you can help you more than you'd think. No one likes to hear someone be negative or complain all the time. If you think about it you're probably more likely to help out someone who helps you. So if you can set yourself up to have a good positive impact on those around you, not only will it will help support a good strong professional and personal network, but also probably make you a better person in general. Some of these below are excellent things to keep in mind when interviewing as well. So Fast Company's Blog had a good list of 14 tips for creating a positive impact on those around you Assume every person you meet is important, and treat him or her as such.
1.Shake hands strongly and firmly and, even better, say something positive while doing so.
2.Keep an open body posture, with your hands away from your face while speaking.
3.Stand up straight and tall, but not rigidly.
4.When speaking to a group, speak conversationally. Do not read from a script.
5.Take the time to remember people's names, and use them in conversation.
6.Look at the color of people's eyes. They will notice the extra attention you're giving them.
7.Sincerely compliment people freely.
8.Notice and acknowledge other people's strengths and accomplishments.
9.Use pauses while you speak to create emphasis.
10.Take care of your outside appearance; look your best.
11.Smile, ideally a little bit longer than the person you're looking at.
12.Hear the emotions in people's words, and respond to them.
13.Use positive body language. Maintain eye contact; briefly touch people on their upper arm, and moving around while you speak.
14.Be genuinely interested in those around you. Ask them their opinions, inquire about their life and interests, listen and don't interrupt.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

EG Weekly Publication

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Virtual Job Fairs!

Oh, how employers are making looking for a new job or career so easy for us!!!

Everywhere you look you see advertisements for job fairs telling you to show up at a specific location and at a specific time and date. Oh and do not forget to make sure that you are dress in your best and bring lots of resumes!!

Sure if you have time to take off work to drive to where they tell you to be on that specific time and date you will definitely be there, BUT what if you don’t have the time to appear in person at the specific location and specific time and date? What are your options?

VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS – The latest and greatest way to find your next job or career!

The virtual job fairs (VJFs) are great since the majority of us have jobs currently and don’t have the time to appear in person. These VJFs are great because you can sit back at home (or at your desk at work) and search for jobs that fit your criteria! You can do research on companies that you are interested in before actually apply to them or even just look to see what positions companies are hiring for. How great is that…. I can sit in front of my computer and I can find jobs that apply to me instead of having to drive across town to only find a couple of companies that might be a potential fit for me!

Here are a couple of virtual job fairs that will be going on in the near future:
Harrisburg - September 2nd-16th
Baltimore – September 9th-23rd

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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EG Weekly Publication August 17-August 23
EG Weekly Publication August 17-August 23

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Stress Relievers!

If you're constantly worrying about your job, whether or not you'll find one or even whether or not you're going to get to keep your job, it's likely that you're feeling extra stressed. It's common with a Soft Economy. If things are uncertain, it's hard not to get stressed over the way things are. Stress has some serious health ramifications so sometimes you need to just take a step back and relieve the stress. Here are some ways to relax and not let the stress of the job search get to you:
•Take a nap
•Go for a walk outside
•Turn up the music loud, sing and dance along
•Try a focused meditation
•Play a board game or do a puzzle
•Go for a drive
•Try breathing exercises
•Take a yoga class or start a new exercise program
•Keep a journal and write about things that you are grateful for
•Call a friend to vent
•Volunteer or help someone else
•Read a book
•Get a massage
•Go out with friends
•Paint, take a photographs, draw or do something creative

There are plenty of other ideas you can come up with to help relieve stress. While money might be an issue, not all the items on the list require cash. Having fun is a great stress reliever.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jobless rate down for first time in a year

The Labor Department reported a net loss of 247,000 jobs in July, the fewest job losses since August 2008. Economists surveyed by had forecast a loss of 325,000.
The job loss in June was also revised lower -- to 443,000 job losses from 467,000.
The unemployment rate fell to 9.4% from 9.5% in June, the first decline in that closely watched reading since April of 2008. Economists had expected unemployment to rise to 9.6%.
The unemployment rate fell even as employers continued to cut jobs because the Labor Department estimated there were 237,000 fewer people it counted as unemployed.
That decline in the labor force can be due to discouraged job seekers who have stopped looking for work, people who now consider themselves retired or those have gone back to school rather than applying for jobs.
The average hourly work week edged up to 33.1 hours, from a record low of 33.0 hours in June. The number of workers who wanted full-time work but could only find part-time jobs fell by 191,000, or 2%. That suggests that many workers who had their hours cut or were given unpaid days off in the current downturn are going back to full-time status.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

EG Weekly Publication

EG Weekly Publication August 3-August 9
EG Weekly Publication August 3-August 9

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