Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Virtual Job Fairs!

Oh, how employers are making looking for a new job or career so easy for us!!!

Everywhere you look you see advertisements for job fairs telling you to show up at a specific location and at a specific time and date. Oh and do not forget to make sure that you are dress in your best and bring lots of resumes!!

Sure if you have time to take off work to drive to where they tell you to be on that specific time and date you will definitely be there, BUT what if you don’t have the time to appear in person at the specific location and specific time and date? What are your options?

VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS – The latest and greatest way to find your next job or career!

The virtual job fairs (VJFs) are great since the majority of us have jobs currently and don’t have the time to appear in person. These VJFs are great because you can sit back at home (or at your desk at work) and search for jobs that fit your criteria! You can do research on companies that you are interested in before actually apply to them or even just look to see what positions companies are hiring for. How great is that…. I can sit in front of my computer and I can find jobs that apply to me instead of having to drive across town to only find a couple of companies that might be a potential fit for me!

Here are a couple of virtual job fairs that will be going on in the near future:
Harrisburg - September 2nd-16th
Baltimore – September 9th-23rd

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