Friday, August 14, 2009

Stress Relievers!

If you're constantly worrying about your job, whether or not you'll find one or even whether or not you're going to get to keep your job, it's likely that you're feeling extra stressed. It's common with a Soft Economy. If things are uncertain, it's hard not to get stressed over the way things are. Stress has some serious health ramifications so sometimes you need to just take a step back and relieve the stress. Here are some ways to relax and not let the stress of the job search get to you:
•Take a nap
•Go for a walk outside
•Turn up the music loud, sing and dance along
•Try a focused meditation
•Play a board game or do a puzzle
•Go for a drive
•Try breathing exercises
•Take a yoga class or start a new exercise program
•Keep a journal and write about things that you are grateful for
•Call a friend to vent
•Volunteer or help someone else
•Read a book
•Get a massage
•Go out with friends
•Paint, take a photographs, draw or do something creative

There are plenty of other ideas you can come up with to help relieve stress. While money might be an issue, not all the items on the list require cash. Having fun is a great stress reliever.

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