Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Cyber Monday!

You've heard of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when it seems everyone in the U.S. crowds into the malls to get an early start on the annual holiday shopping frenzy. But have you heard of Cyber Monday, the first workday after the long weekend, in other words, today when we all sit down at our desks and start surfing our way to those perfect gifts? To weed through the madness start the day at the National Retail Federation's website,, for an aggregation of over 600holiday deals from web retailers in every category.

According to a poll we recently commissioned from Harris Interactive, 40 percent of employed U.S. adults say they plan to do at least some of their online holiday shopping from work this year. So we aim to make all that pointing and clicking as fast, safe, and easy as possible.

While you are on-line doing your holiday shopping and wondering where you can get some extra cash for the holidays, The Employment Guide is here to help. Just simply go to and apply for a job. There are some retail stores that are currently hiring for the holiday season.

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