Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April showers bring May flowers!!

The rainy season is here and it almost feels like it might last forever. The sound of the raindrops hitting your windows and roof may be enough to make you hibernate for days. There are ways to enjoy the day indoors when it is raining outside.

1. Make soup! Soup is one of the best dishes to make and enjoy when the weather is cooler and wet outside. Grab a recipe and spend a couple of hours making a big pot of soup.
2. Watch movies. If you are rained in and just can’t bear the though of leaving the house then relax and watch a couple of movies. Remember to pop the popcorn and enjoy!
3. Read a book/magazine. When the weather is cold and wet outside curl up with a favorite book or a magazine. The time will certainly fly by when you are engrossed in the fantastical words of a book/magazine.
4. Exercise your brain. If the rain is running your workout routine and you can’t go running or walking in the rain, the exercise your brain with Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or word games.
5. Bake cookies. Baking cookies will keep you busy and give you a nice treat of all of your work. Not to mention having your house smell so yummy and delicious.

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