Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The top 5 intereview questions asked!

1.Why do you want this job?
Basically the interviewer is asking "Why are you here?" The purpose of this interview question is to make sure that you are looking for the same job that the employer is trying to fill. It is exploring your passion for this business and this work. Why are you interested in this type of work? Provide examples of specific aspects of the work that interest and excite you. Convince the interviewer that you are looking for exactly the type of work that this position is offering. Rephrase in an enthusiastic and positive way the things you have learned about the job from the interviewer, the recruiter or the job posting and your background research. Highlight how your skills and abilities fit in with these job requirements.

2.Tell me about yourself
The interviewer is trying to find out if you will fit in with the rest of the team and the company. This job interview question also explores what motivates you and whether it is consistent with the position and company. Again avoid just repeating what you have written on your resume. What makes you uniquely qualified to do this job? Try to describe yourself objectively focusing on your key skills and abilities that will be of value in this job. Describe your character as it relates to the inherent job requirements. If you are not sure of what behaviors are required in the position you can use general work-related adjectives such as diligent, persevering, hard working, enthusiastic.

3.What are your weaknesses?
With this interview question the interviewer is evaluating your self awareness and insight rather than your actual weaknesses. Acknowledging a weakness is seen as a sign of maturity and wisdom. Refer to a valid and sincere weakness but turn it into a positive by describing it as an area for development. In your answer detail the steps you have taken to try and improve.

4.Where do you want to be in five years?
The interviewer is looking for a match of expectations between your hopes and goals and what the job and company can offer you. Referring to goals and aspirations unrelated to the work you are applying for demonstrates a lack of interest in the current position and sends up red flags for the interviewer. It is best to avoid mentioning specific job titles and specific time frames. Refer in a general way to what you enjoy, the strengths you have that you would like to develop, what you hope to learn from your work experience, realistic challenges and opportunities you expect in your chosen career field.

5.Why should I hire you?
With this top interview question the interviewer is looking at your objective assessment of your suitability for the position. Link up your work experience to the requirements of this job. Describe the immediate relevance of your past experience. Provide examples of your transferable skills. Refer back to your strengths and how they will benefit the position and the company. Focus on your key skills and expand on how you will use them in this position. Offer a couple of examples to explain why you are so enthusiastic about the job, the work and the company.

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