Thursday, February 5, 2009

Career Education Myths

Getting ahead means more than choosing a career and finding a program that suits your goals. It’s all about understanding your desired career path and figuring out how you make the career training right for you and moving towards a brighter future.

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Many people think they know the right way to go about picking an occupation and end up choosing a job that is unsatisfying.

Here our some myths of choosing a career with resources that can help you make an informed decision.

1.Finding a career is easy
Choosing a career involves a process and needs allotted time. The career planning process involves four steps. The foremost and important is assessing yourself and explore the occupation in which you are interested in. Research the career you are interested in before you commit to it.

2.A career counselor can tell me what occupation to chose
Actually, a career counselor or any other career professional can’t tell you what career is best for you. The career professional can help guide you through your decision.

3.Making a lot of money will make me happy
Salary is important, but it shouldn’t be the only factor looked at while choosing a career. Money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction. Enjoying what you do at work will make the job more successful and life less stressful.

4.Once I choose a career I’ll be stuck in it forever
If you are unsatisfied with a career you can always change it. Many people change careers several times over the course of their lifetimes.

5.If I change careers my skills are useless
The skills you obtained are yours to keep. You can take your skills from one job to another. The skills may not be used in the exact same way, but they won’t go to waste. Besides you could share your skills to a friend or family member.

6.If my friend or family member is happy in a particular field then I will be too
Everyone is different that is what makes us unique. Even if you have a lot in common with this person be sure doesn’t necessarily mean you will like the same career.

7.All I have to do is pick a career and everything else will fall into place
Choosing a career is a good start,but you don’t stop there. Research the career before making a final decision.Then assess yourself to see if you are a good fit for that particular career. For example,if you are good with numbers and like Mathematics then choosing a career in Accounting will be a good choice.

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As we have seen, there is a raft of common misconceptions about vocational education, the labor market, and the four-year college degree; in particular the name "vocational education" often invokes an automatic negative response. At the same time, however, people often reveal very favorable attitudes toward many of the elements that are a traditional part of vocational education.


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