Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spice up the Resume!!!!

The same way you know how employees deceive you in every day business is how HR professionals catch the dishonest so easily. When lies are present there are inconsistencies and makes the interview even harder to pull off.

Want to spice up your resume and attract more attention? It's easy. Write your resume to stand out among the hundreds of resumes that hiring managers skim each day, but do not LIE!

Most common lies on a resume are:
Dates: People change the months or days to make the dates work out or say they still work for a company they got fired from
Creating a miscellaneous job to cover up employment gaps: People create fake companies they have worked for to cover up gaps.
Education: People add degrees they didn’t complete, add fake extended degrees, or add a college they didn’t attend
Job Title: People put down their bosses title instead of their true title. People figure they have done everything their boss has so why not get some credit for it.
Compensation: People lie about what they actually made at a previous employer.
Reason for leaving: People feel like they can say they were laid off even if they were fired. In this time of layoffs people feel they can lie about why their employment was discontinued.

How to spice up your resume without lying:
•Dates: Put years and not months on the resume.
Creating a Miscellaneous job to cover up employment gaps: Change your resume layout to functional or hybrid.
Education: If you didn’t complete a degree don’t write it on the resume. Instead put “Studies In” whatever you major is.
Job Title: Include your official job title and not your bosses.
Compensation: Put in a range from example mid to upper 30’s. Then you aren’t blowing your negotiations or lying.
Reason for leaving: Don’t not include this in your resume. This question will come up in the interview and answer the question with positive circumstances as to why you left.

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